About Us

The Society

EnviroSoc is a new society based around everything green and environmental. So if you’re a self-confessed tree-hugger, a climate scientist, a fond recycler or just like nature and the environment then we are the society for you! We’ve got trips, speakers, tips and tricks for being green, volunteering opportunities, socials where you can meet your fellow ecowarriors and much much more!

Most importantly though, we’re brand new so if you want something from us then join and let us know! This is YOUR society.

The Committee

Nick Howe, President nick envirosoc photo

Hello all! I’m Nick and as most of you probably know I am the President and founder of EnviroSoc. As President I’m mainly the friendly face of the society trying to get along to everything we run and get to know everyone; I also give guidance to my fantastic committee to try and deliver for you guys the best experience possible as our lovely members. Why am I interested in environmental issues? I think that it’s the most important thing that we can dedicate our lives to: fate has dealt us the hand of having to face climate change and human changes to the planet head on before it is too late, and personally I’m thrilled to be part of the generation that will solve it. Climate and the environment affects everything – if we don’t act, this beautiful planet won’t be one that anyone will want to live on. I fully believe that the best of humankind comes from crises and we’ve been dealt a huge one. That’s why I intend to dedicate my life to science as I feel that the best way to tackle a problem is to understand it. Bring it on!

Ben Pearson, Vice-Presidentben envirosoc photo

I’m a second-year Management with Sustainability student at Exeter. Through various endeavours I’ve become interested in nearly all aspects of environmentalism, although my focus is on sustainability. I previously embarked on a scheme with B&Q in order to make their products more sustainable and easier to use, which means I give an environmental opinion through the business lens.  I’m currently also a Student Ambassador at the University, which involves talking to audiences both inside and outside of the University.

I enjoy my role as Vice-President, as it involves conflict resolution, level-headedness, consideration for others and occasionally chairing meetings. I’m also responsible for the President’s responsibilities if needed – a challenging task which I very much enjoy. In my free time, I enjoy travelling, attending festivals, taking part in projects with different companies and working with computers. I was amazed to be front row of a Rolling Stones concert in July, and I’m looking forward to the challenges which are sure to arrive.

Emma Knight, General Secretaryemma envirosoc photo

I am the secretary for the society, so I am the one in charge of finance and any forms we have to fill out; my role also involves taking minutes in meetings and any general admin.  I wouldn’t say that there is a particular area of environmental issues that I specialise in but, as my dad works with offshore wind farms, I have always had a keen interest in sustainable energy. I have also done a lot of conservation work in the past in the New Forest where I live. During my time in sixth form I ran the numerous school eco, Fairtrade and wildlife clubs so when I saw that Nick was setting up an environmental society I knew that it was the perfect thing for me to be a part of. I hope you all feel the same and enjoy being surrounded by like-minded people!

Tommy Schulman, Publicity Officer

I am from the greenest country in Europe so it comes naturally to me to like the environment. I am the Publicity Officer and the odd one studying business and not biology of some sort! My passion comes from the opportunities I see in businesses and the major impact on the environment’s future they have. I think there’s so much more we could do for the benefit of the environment that we just don’t do yet, or are too blind to see. In Finland we do things differently and it has been interesting to notice differences in actions and attitudes in England. I think we should do what we can and not be so fussed about getting our hands dirty. I enjoy nature the best in the Finnish archipelago in the summer.

I hope we can get the message out and provide possibilities for students to get involved with the activities EnviroSoc and the University provide.

Try something different this year and JOIN!!!

Alice Wilson-Mcneal, Projects Officer

alice envirosoc photo

I’m Alice and I’m the projects officer for the society. This means I’m in charge of coming up with ideas for projects and running them, with a lot of help from the others of course! I’m currently in my first year of a biosciences degree, and I’m hoping to get into conservation work when I leave uni. I’ve always been passionate about the environment, but conservation is especially important to me because I think it has a huge impact on people who wouldn’t otherwise take an interest in the environment, and allows issues with more far-reaching consequences, like reducing deforestation, to be easily publicised. It also says a lot about us as a species that we’re prepared to put time and effort into saving others.

I’m always happy to hear from anyone who has an idea for a project we could run. Even if you think it’s too small to be worth doing or completely unfeasible, please get in touch – I want to know what issues are important to you, and what I can do to help.

Emma Lock, Education Officer

Picture 107

Hey everyone! I’m Emma, a third-year Biological Sciences student and one of your Education Officers this year. I’ve always been interested in environmental issues, which has taken a variety of forms whilst growing up – from writing an entire ‘book’ about threats to the environment at the age of 11 to making all kinds of slightly odd artwork from recycled materials – so when the opportunity to be part of Exeter’s new Environmental Society presented itself, I jumped at the chance. As well as general committee responsibilities such as going along to meetings, trips and events, my role entails producing and managing content for our shiny new website – so if you’re interested in writing for the website or think there’s something we should be covering, get in touch! My interest in the environment stems from a fairly uncontroversial desire for the world not to end any time soon, and we’re at a crucial point where human actions have the potential to make a massive difference to the future of the Earth and everything living on it – so to sit and do nothing in the face of such challenges would be catastrophic.

Eleanor Miller, Education Officereleanor envirosoc photo

Hi all! I’m Eleanor, one of your Education Officers. I grew up next door to a farm and surrounded by two National Nature Reserves.  As a result, like many, I understood something of nature but took much for granted.  An interest in science and a Biology degree course here in Exeter has led me to become progressively aware of the many aspects of the environmental issues we all face. My main interest centres around the conservation implications of these issues and the huge range of innovative solutions people are developing to tackle the problems. I believe that it is important for people to learn about the changing world and to give them the knowledge to make a difference.  So many challenges faced by the environment today have anthropogenic causes, with each of us often unconsciously contributing to these in our everyday lives.  I feel that education and general awareness of the public is vital and I wanted to be involved in getting the message out there.

Lydia Robinson, Social Secretary

I am the social secretary for EnviroSoc and a second-year Geography student. I help organize social events throughout the year for our members. The first term for the society has mostly been filled with getting the society up and running and deciding on our primary aims as a society. In between this we have had a merged social to Walkabout and then Arena, a trip to Bath Christmas Markets, a Christmas meal at Firehouse and a trip to the Eden Project. Next term we hope to have more socials around Exeter, including pub quizzes, Firehouse nights and more exciting days out as a society.

I am passionate about the environment and especially interested in the ways climate change is related to the public through the media, and the various influences on the environment such as pollution and overpopulation. This year I have opted to take the module ‘nature and development’ which will look at how sustainable development may become more prevalent in helping to conserve and protect the environment, whilst providing for the population. At home I volunteer with a wildlife sanctuary that also promotes care of the environment throughout Hampshire.


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