The benefits of eating local food

As we are in our Eat Local Week a post about why we should eat locally seems even more appropriate than usual. Here are five reasons of why you should try and do this. Obviously somethings cannot be produced locally such as bananas or nuts (which are important in a vegan diet) but I think we should favour local over international. No matter how hard you must resist buying that juicy mango or that beautiful avocado (and anyway they will probably not be as good as what they are when eaten locally!). Here are some reasons:

  • Reduce Carbon Print :

The closer the food’s origin to you the fewer miles it has traveled. Why should you buy pears from Argentina or New Zealand when they are produced here?

  • Fresher and therefore tastier

Since it’s local it takes less time to get to you and there for is picked just ripe. When it has been brought in by plane or by boat, most of the time the fruit and veg will have been picked before they’re ready. Also they suffer far more from the travel and loose of their quality in the process.

  • Support local economy

By buying locally sourced food you are also helping small farms survive rather than increasing the profits of a multinational firm. This means that the money stays in the community and is used in the community rather than going abroad. As a result, this creates a sense of community and solidarity.

Moreover if you support small farmers you support the maintenance of our countryside and farmland rather than letting it go to desolation and having it replaced with a barren town.

  • Secure food Source

Being closer there are less steps between the consumer and the producer and therefore there’s less chance of contamination.

  • Seasonal

If you buy your fruit and veg seasonally it will be tastier than the fruit and veg you buy out of season. It has been shown that it is healthier to eat in season as the local fruit and veg help to maintain your immune system by providing the right nutrients for the right period of the year.

This also promotes variety, so rather than getting only orange carrots you can get all sorts of different kinds, same with apples, pears, tomatoes etc.


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